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International Journal of Engineering Research and Advanced Technology (IJERAT)

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Vol 4 Issue 2, February-2018
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1Photovoltaic Solar Cell Based on Chlorophyll Dye Pigments Obtained from Brassica Oleracea
Article Category: Chemical Engineering
Keyword: Photovoltaic, Brassica Oleracea, Chlorophyll, TiO2, DSSC, Natural dyes.
Author: Ikechukwu Ikeogu,O D Adeniyi,A A Aboje
Pages: 1-6
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2Influence of heat treatment on Co-efficient of Thermal conductivity of Aluminium LM13/MgO Particulate Composite
Article Category: Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
Keyword: LM 13, MgO, Stir-Casting, Thermal Conductivity.
Author: C S Ravindra Sagar,T K Chandrashekar,Batluri Tilak Chandra
Pages: 7-11
DOI: 10.7324/IJERAT.2018.3182
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3Study of Acceleration due to Gravity (g) at Sokoto metropolis of Sokoto state, Nigeria
Article Category: Physics - applied
Keyword: Acceleration Due To Gravity, Sokoto, Kater Reversible Pendulum, Newton’s Law of Gravitation, Modern Gravity Meters.
Author: S. Abdullahi ,R. Sani
Pages: 12-17
DOI: 10.7324/IJERAT.2018.3186
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4Wear Behaviour of Aluminium LM13 –MgO Particulate Metal Matrix Composites
Article Category: Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
Keyword: Al LM13, Wear Rate, MgO, Pin-on-Disc test rig.
Author: C S Ravindra Sagar,T. K Chandrashekar,Batluri Tilak Chandra
Pages: 18-23
DOI: 10.7324/IJERAT.2018.3184
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5Computer-aided Simulation to Investigate Material Flow  in Combined-radial Extrusion
Article Category: Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
Keyword: Combined-radial extrusion, Finite element simulation, Forming load, Material flow, Stress-strain state
Author: Dr. Payman Abhari
Pages: 24-28
DOI: 10.7324/IJERAT.2018.3187
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6Validation of Finite Element Method in the Analysis of Biaxial Buckling of Thin Laminated Plates
Article Category: Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
Keyword: Validation of finite element method, Classical laminated plate theory, Buckling, Thin plates, Laminated Composites.
Author: Osama Mohammed Elmardi Suleiman,Mahmoud Yassin Osman,Tagelsir Hassan
Pages: 29-42
DOI: 10.7324/IJERAT.2018.3188
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7Cavernous Erudition Hierarchical Representations for Image Steganalysis
Article Category: Computer Science & Engineering
Keyword: Steganalysis, Convolutional Neural Networks.
Author: A.M.SenthilKumar,M.S.Vijaykumar,M.Akilandeeswari,K.Deepa,R.Kalaivani,G.Subashini,M.Geetha
Pages: 43-48
DOI: 10.7324/IJERAT.2018.3189
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