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International Journal of Engineering Research and Advanced Technology (IJERAT)

Conference And Seminar

Conference/seminar proceedings are the collection of Academics papers (abstracts) that are presented by the participants/delegates in the context of an academic conference/seminar. The collective abstracts of those presentations (oral/poster) are published in these conference/seminar proceedings. The organizer can publish the presented abstracts in this 'conference / seminar proceedings'. For details click here A scientific meeting, convention, conference or seminar covers a range of topics within a subject area. Other commonly used terms include symposia, colloquium, congress, discussion, institute, seminar, meeting, session, summer school or workshop. If you need special issue for your conference/symposia kindly contact us.

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IJERAT Publish  Conference papers as an Special issue.

Conference and Seminar2018-09-282018-09-28

Contact Editorial office for the conference paper publication.

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