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J. of Engineering Research and Advanced Technology - IJERAT (ISSN: 2454-6135), CrossRef: 10.31695/IJERAT 2454-6135 Study of Key Success Factors for Lean Six Sigma And Last Planner System In Basement Work On High-rise Residential Building Projects, Jakarta Indonesia https://ijerat.com/index.php/ijerat/article/view/534 <p>Currently, the construction of high-rise buildings is increasingly being carried out, in line with economic growth in big cities, but vacant land for settlements, offices and residential buildings is very little or limited, as well as the high price of land in cities. The level of housing needs in Indonesia. According to [1] estimates until 2025 are as shown below. Where in Indonesia until 2025 it is estimated that it will require housing around 1,513,865 residential units. so that the need for residential units in cities is very large, to cope with limited land and high prices of land in the city, now to meet the residential needs, buildings are made vertically (highrise), but with limited land and rampant construction of high-rise buildings have an effect on the need for parking lots, to overcome this, a basement was made, which could be used as a parking area in addition to other functions such as utility rooms and others. In the implementation of high-rise building construction projects, good scheduling and quality control play a very important role, in the timeliness, cost and quality / quality of project completion as a whole. [2] &nbsp;The success of a construction project is based on 3 things, namely cost, quality and time. To control cost, quality and time in this study using the Lean Six Sigma and Last Planner System methods. By using this method, it will control waste (waste) and control scheduling so that work delays do not occur. To get the factors that affect cost efficiency, quality and time, researchers use analysis with SPSS software (Statistical Package for the Social Sciens), with SPSS 10 key success factors that can streamline costs, quality and time are obtained as follows: 1. Reduction costs, 2. Improve communication among project participants, 3. Knowledge of the project, 4. Planning Process, 5. Predictable Work Plan, 6. Prepare a weekly plan, 7. BoQ, 8. Image, 9. Damaged Soil Removal Method, 10. Weather Conditions. These 10 factors are expected to make cost, quality and time efficiency in construction implementation.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Syafrimaini Maini Albert Eddy Husin Copyright (c) 2021 Syafrimaini Maini, Albert Eddy Husin https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/4.0 2021-04-04 2021-04-04 7 4 1 12 10.31695/IJERAT.2021.3700 CFD Analysis of Wind-induced Pollutant Dispersion in Built Environment https://ijerat.com/index.php/ijerat/article/view/537 <p><em>The paper analyzed the wind-induced pollutant dispersion in a built environment using computational fluid dynamics simulation.&nbsp; SF<sub>6 </sub>was used as the tracer gas released from a roof stack. The steady-state analysis used to develop the adaptive mesh was carried out using the RNG-KE turbulence model. The computational domain and boundary condition for the wind flow on the urban area was adopted as recommended by the Cost guideline. Also, the SF<sub>6 </sub>species was modeled as a passive scalar transport convection-diffusion equation. From the result, it was observed that the funnel effect and vortex shedding effect reduces the concentration level of pollutants within a locality.</em></p> Okafor Chinedu VINCENT Onyekachukwu Gozie ODENIGBO Okeke Arinze UCHENNA Copyright (c) 2021 Okafor Chinedu VINCENT, Onyekachukwu Gozie ODENIGBO , Okeke Arinze UCHENNA https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/4.0 2021-04-11 2021-04-11 7 4 13 21 10.31695/IJERAT.2021.3603 Key Success Factors for Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) and 4D Building Information Modeling (BIM) for Improving Time Performance in Basement Work on 5 Layers of High-rise Residential Buildings in Indonesia https://ijerat.com/index.php/ijerat/article/view/535 <p>Referring to data released by The Skyscrapper Center in 2020, during the period 1960 - 2020 there was a rapid increase in the construction of buildings with a height of more than 150 meters around the world. The increase in high-rise residential buildings or high rise buildings according to the global competitiveness report data from 2014 - 2020 will be the largest growth country in the construction sector with an average total growth value of 6.3% so that engineers - architecture carry out and make project management engineering from the initial project phase to the project completion phase and the increasing complexity of problems in the planning process to the management of high-rise residential buildings. The need for housing in Indonesia, especially in big cities, is high and the limited availability of land causes prices to increase, so that investment in residential high rise buildings is growing rapidly. The high demand for the community is directly proportional to the increase in the number of residential building construction for high-rise buildings. Building construction is expected by service providers to be completed on time without delay according to their planning. However, in the implementation of development there are problems that cause delays in its implementation. The delay that occurs can be from internal, external and weather factors. For this reason, this research will discuss the key success factors of critical chain project management (CCPM) and 4D building information modeling (BIM) for improving time performance on the basement work of 5 layers of high-rise residential buildings. To obtain the key success factors, the researchers used the SPSS (Statistical product and service solutions) tool. From the results of this SPSS, the researchers found 10 key success factors, namely 1. Project identification against time, 2. Basement design complexity, 3. Effect of project buffers, fedding buffer , buffer resources, 4. Accuracy of document design, 5. Scheduling and Simulation, 6. Logical relations of activities, 7. Policy and government support, 8. Top down methods, 9. Land conditions, and 10. Eliminating safety time. The 10 key success factors are expected to reduce delays in the implementation of development.</p> Truman Sinaga Albert Eddy Husin Copyright (c) 2021 Truman Sinaga, Albert Eddy Husin https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/4.0 2021-04-11 2021-04-11 7 4 22 33 10.31695/IJERAT.2021.3701 Encrypting Image based on Chaotic Map algorithm https://ijerat.com/index.php/ijerat/article/view/538 <p><em>Due to the network and multimedia application developments, information security become important since information can be attacked over the transmission channels, and the combination of cryptography and chaotic become an important field of information security, where many encryption algorithms are based on chaotic mapping due to the inherent features of Image like high redundancy and bulk data capacity. In this paper, three chaotic maps are used to achieve a good diffused Image by setting the initial conditions to generate the shuffling sequence randomly by 2D Zaslevskii map and employ them in 2D cat map for shuffling the image pixels positions; also baker map is used to decomposed Image into four rectangles and shuffle them. </em></p> <p><em>For increasing the levels of security related to the encryption algorithm, the Gaffe random key generator is used to generate 128 bits keys and employ it with an exclusive-OR equation to the diffused Image. The results indicated that the combination of chaotic and cryptography proved to be good for the high-security level. The experimental results have shown that the suggested algorithm is secure due to the large key space and the high sensitivity to the secret key. This paper applies a chaotic map algorithm by Mat lab a program.</em></p> Zahraa Salah Dhaief , Dena Nadir George Raniah Ali Mustafa Copyright (c) 2021 Zahraa Salah Dhaief, , Dena Nadir George, Raniah Ali Mustafa https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/4.0 2021-04-14 2021-04-14 7 4 34 47 10.31695/IJERAT.2021.3703 Artificial intelligence (A.I.) in Social Sciences: A Primer https://ijerat.com/index.php/ijerat/article/view/529 <p>Artificial intelligence (AI) is the intelligence exhibited by machines which can do similar work with human consciousness.&nbsp; It refers to systems that can perform tasks that in the past had required human intelligence. AI is now being used in an ever-growing range of human activities. &nbsp;The proliferation of AI technologies is yielding substantial societal benefits, ranging from more efficient supply chain management to more reliable medical diagnosis.&nbsp; This paper is a primer on the uses of AI in social sciences.</p> Matthew N. O. Sadiku Omobayode I. Fagbohungbe Sarhan M. Musa Copyright (c) 2021 Matthew N. O. Sadiku, Omobayode I. Fagbohungbe, Sarhan M. Musa https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/4.0 2021-04-18 2021-04-18 7 4 48 53 10.31695/IJERAT.2021.3696 The Web of Things https://ijerat.com/index.php/ijerat/article/view/530 <p>The Web of Things may be regarded as an extension of the Internet of Things that leverage Web-based standards and protocols to access and control real-world objects. While the Internet of Things (IoT) empowers communication between heterogeneous devices at the network layer, the web of things (WoT) enables interoperability at the application layer.</p> <p>This paper provides a brief introduction to the web of things.</p> Matthew N. O. Sadiku Omobayode Fagbohungbe Sarhan M. Musa Copyright (c) 2021 Matthew N. O. Sadiku, Omobayode Fagbohungbe, Sarhan M. Musa https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/4.0 2021-04-18 2021-04-18 7 4 54 56 10.31695/IJERAT.2021.3697