Crossref DOI: 10.31695/IJERAT
ISSN: 2454-6135

International Journal of Engineering Research and Advanced Technology (IJERAT)

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Article: Design of Human Followers Trolley Robot Based on Object Tracking (Color Detection) Method

Article Category: Electrical & Electronics Engineering

DOI: 10.31695/IJERAT.2019.3391

Pages: 15-23

Author: Denny Irawan,Misbah,Jefry R Baihaqi

Abstract: The development of the robot world is very rapid, including the humanoid robot, bioloid, not least the type of mobile robot. The robot is created to have advantages that are not owned by humans. One of them is unlimited compatibility. This requires that the robot has a variety of sensor components for the creation of intelligent autonomous behavior in robots. This research is titled " design of human followers trolley using object tracking (colour detection) method ". The goal is to facilitate the transfer of goods from one place to another. This tool will detect the color of clothing from humans that will be followed by using the camera (webcam) as the sensor and the camera captured will be processed using C# by utilizing the open source library AForge.NET to determine the point X and Y at the position of the object to be followed. This data will be processed again to determine some angle of the object that appears on the frame, then this data will be sent on the Arduino as a minimum system to translate data from C# so that both DC motors can run and the robot always follows the object based on the color. In the design of this tool generated a prototype trolley followers of humans with the camera, can already be used with a  good camera readings and ultrasonic sensor readings are perfect. The sending of data from C# on Arduino runs smoothly as long as the Arduino monitor series is not used for other purposes.

Keyword: Freight Trolley, Color Followers Robot, Video Tracking, Camera, Arduino, Serial Port Application C #, AForge.NET.

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