Crossref DOI: 10.31695/IJERAT
ISSN: 2454-6135

International Journal of Engineering Research and Advanced Technology (IJERAT)

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Article: Comparison Quality Analysis of Clean Water and Laundry Water in Bogor, Jakarta, Bekasi City and Bekasi Regency

Article Category: Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

DOI: 10.31695/IJERAT.2019.3396

Pages: 48-54

Author: Wiwit Suprihatiningsih

Abstract: The limitation of high quality water reduces every year, especially in urban cities, especially in Indonesia. This research aims to determine the quality of water. Sampling method in this research is using random sampling by collect the sample at several places, such as Bogor, Jakarta, Bekasi City and Bekasi Regency. The parameters tested is a physical analysis such as temperature and EC (Electrical Conductivity). The result shown that a) the clean water and laundry water has temperature in the range of 30°C – 32° C, b) EC value of clean water is in the range of 130 - 250 µS/cm and EC value of laundry water is in the range of 310 - 440 µS/cm.  Clean water is still safe for use in daily activities and laundry water is still safe to be thrown into the environment.

Keyword: Quality, Water Analysis, Clean Water, Laundry Water.

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