Crossref DOI: 10.31695/IJERAT
ISSN: 2454-6135

International Journal of Engineering Research and Advanced Technology (IJERAT)

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Article: Analysis of Knowledge Management Enabler in KnowledgeSharing on R &D Institution Capability

Article Category: Industrial Production Engineering

DOI: 10.31695/IJERAT.2019.3495

Pages: 36-42

Author: Riyadil Jinan,Sawarni Hasibuan

Abstract: R & D institutions play an important role in innovation because these organizations produce various kinds of knowledge that come from experiences and experiments and integrate them for the creation of knowledge and new products. Paten is a rough measure of innovation and be one measure of performance R & D institutions. The low productivity of patents indicates the problem of innovation capability. The purpose of this study is to find out specific factors in sharing knowledge that can influence the capabilities of innovation. These factors are referred to as knowledge management enablers, which refer to individual dimensions (learning motivation, interpersonal trust, knowledge self-efficacy), organizational dimensions (top management support and reward systems), and technological dimensions (information and communication technology use). The results of the analysis using the PLS-SEM method, it is known that interpersonal trust variables, knowledge-self efficacy from the personal dimension and ICT use from the technological dimension, is the variable that has the most positive effect on knowledge sharing with the parameter coefficient values ​​of 0.263, 0.467, and 0.159 with a significance level of ρ <0.05. While the top management variable and reward system variables from the organizational dimension do not have a direct effect on knowledge sharing with a value of 0.806 and 0.022 at the significance level ρ> 0.05. The results of the study also show that knowledge sharing has a positive effect on innovation capability with a parameter coefficient of 0.478 at the significance level of ρ 0.000 <0.05.

Keyword: Innovation Capabilities, Knowledge Sharing, Knowledge Management Enablers, R & D Institutions.

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