Crossref DOI: 10.31695/IJERAT
ISSN: 2454-6135

International Journal of Engineering Research and Advanced Technology (IJERAT)

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Article: Cost Analysis of Facade Work in High-Rise Building by Value Engineering Method

Article Category: Civil and Structural Engineering

DOI: 10.31695/IJERAT.2019.3537

Pages: 100-109

Author: Yoga Tryas Pratama,Budi Susetyo

Abstract: The façade of the building plays an important role to complement the structure shape and determine the visual impact on urban environments. The façade of the building itself has a heavy work or high-cost value in the sub-section of the architectural masterpiece. It becomes a gap that we can review how much it costs to work. Value engineering issues that often arise are considered a reduction in costs. In the end that often happens precisely emphasis on material substitution, reducing or eliminating certain elements that lead to lower quality. Implementation of correct value engineering if done such as using alternative materials/materials contained in the work plan and requirements, but still in the equivalent specifications. In this study will be discussed the cost analysis of the selection of glass facade material without compromising the main function of the material itself. By using the value engineering method, it can be seen that the cost efficiency that can be saved is 5.93% of the planned budget for the work.

Keyword: Value Engineering, Cost Analysis, Façade Work, Facade Glass, High-Rise Buildings.

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