Development of Passengers Vehicle Overloading Control System


  • Phesto Peter Namayala
  • Sospeter Iganja Gabriel
  • Godfrey kayombo
  • Peter Kambosha



Tanzania, passenger’s vehicles, overloading, control, MUST.


Passengers overloading control has been a challenge in Tanzania, with the current practices checkup for overloading is done at special inspections points, leaving loopholes to both drivers and conductor deploy alternative ways to circumvent burdens. Sophisticated measures are required in controlling public buses’ overloading because they can help in reducing deaths and casualties as the findings show that excessive passengers is one of the major causes of many deaths and casualties when accidents occur. There are a number of existing technics for passengers’ overloading control in public busses, counting of passengers, video processing using the zenithal camera for capturing the bio-directional passengers flow, infra-red motion analyzer and stereovision are commonly used. The current practice of checking and controlling passengers’ overloading which is done by stationed police officers and SUMATRA is associated with many challenges and limitations, being labor-intensive, not providing real-time data, being reactive rather than proactive, not applicable in rainy and night time, encourage bribery and lacking control are some of the commonly identified problems and limitations.
This research concentrates with the design and develops a sophisticated embedded passengers’ vehicles overloading system that monitors and automatically controlling the overloading process. Development was possible through the use of ADCUM Camera,
Diode 1N4007, Arduino UNO R3, GSM modem A6, SIM900 Liquid crystal display 16X4, DC motor, Relay 5v, Regulator 7805 and battery 4AH. Both qualitative and quantitative design approach was used when undertaking this research, a stratified sampling technique was used when collecting data and to present findings SPSS was used to analyze data



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Phesto Peter Namayala, Sospeter Iganja Gabriel, Godfrey kayombo, & Peter Kambosha. (2019). Development of Passengers Vehicle Overloading Control System. I. J. of Engineering Research and Advanced Technology - IJERAT (ISSN: 2454-6135), CrossRef: 10.31695/IJERAT, 5(8), 01-08.