Paper Templates

Useful Download link for the Preparation of Manuscript: paper template 

IJERAT Template

  1. Paper Format and Page Layout

While preparing and formatting papers, authors must conform to the under-mentioned MS-Word (.doc, .docx) format:-

  • All manuscripts must be in English and in MS Word (.doc, .docx) format
  • The total length of the paper, including references and appendices, must not exceed 20 pages. It should be typed on one side with a single column, 1.15-line spacing, 10 font size, Times New Roman, in MS Word (.doc/.docx).
  • The Top, bottom, left and right Margin should be 0.5cm. Page layout should be a portrait with 0.2 Header and Footer margins. Select the option for different Headers and Footers for different for the First page in Layout (under Page Setup menu option of MS Word). The authors are not supposed to write anything in the footer.
  • The title in bold should appear in a single column on the first page in 16 Font size, below which the name of the author(s), 12 font size, name of affiliation (Department name, College/University/Institute) 12 font size and email id should be provided centrally aligned in 12 font size.
  • To avoid unnecessary errors, the authors are strongly advised to use the "spell-check" and "grammar-check" functions of the word processor.
  • The author should be typed references in single-line spacing, 10 font size.
  • Complete the author’s profile
  1. Structure of Paper

These guidelines for research papers are flexible, especially for case studies. The manuscript is to be arranged in the following order:

1. Title, author(s), and complete name(s) of institution(s)
2. Email address
3. Abstract
4. Keywords
5. Introduction
6.  Literature Survey
7. Problem definition or experimental work
8. Results and Discussion
9. Conclusion
10. Acknowledgment
11. Reference

Refer to Author Guidlines for more details: read