Publication Ethics


  1. Publication Decisions: Based on the review report of the editorial board, the editor can accept, reject, or request modifications to the manuscript.
  2. Review of Manuscripts: Editor must ensure that each manuscript is initially evaluated by the editor for originality, making use of appropriate software to do so. After passing this test, the manuscript is forwarded to two reviewers for double-blind peer review, each of whom will make a recommendation to accept, reject, or modify the manuscript.
  3. Fair Play: The editor must ensure that each manuscript received by the Journal is reviewed for its intellectual content without regard to sex, gender, race, religion, citizenship, etc. of the authors.
  4. Confidentiality: The editor must ensure that information regarding manuscripts submitted by the authors is kept confidential.
  5. Disclosure and Conflicts of Interest: The editor of the Journal will not use unpublished materials disclosed in a submitted manuscript for his own research without written consent of the author.


  1. Confidentiality: Information regarding manuscripts submitted by authors should be kept confidential and be treated as privileged information.
  2. Acknowledgment of Sources: Manuscript reviewers must ensure that authors have acknowledged all sources of data used in the research. Any kind of similarity or overlap between the manuscripts under consideration or with any other published paper of which the reviewer has personal knowledge must be immediately brought to the editor's notice.
  3. Standards of Objectivity: The review of submitted manuscripts must be done objectively and the reviewers should express their views clearly with supporting arguments.
  4. Promptness: In the event that a reviewer feels it is not possible for him/her to complete a review of the manuscript within the stipulated time then this information must be communicated to the editor so that the manuscript could be sent to another reviewer.


Authors should declare that their submission has not been previously published, nor is it at another journal for consideration, the financial support and reference list are complete and precise, including the specification of URLs and DOIs where available. We require that all authors have significantly contributed to the research associated with the submission and approved the submitted version. Authors warrant that the article is their original work. Authors are obliged to participate in the peer review process, follow the advice of the reviewers, meet the required deadlines, and to provide retractions or corrections of mistakes if any occur.

The publisher and the editors are committed to maintain high ethical standards and prevent publications where research misconduct has occurred. We use Crossref/iThenticate for plagarism checking. In case of any allegation of misconduct, the editor deals with the allegation appropriately. In such ethical issues, including also retractions and corrections, the COPE guidelines are followed. The Journal is ready to publish corrections if needed.

Multiple and Simultaneous Submission/Publication

The practice of duplicate submission/publication is considered unethical because it exaggerates the findings, wastes the time of editors, peer reviewers, and readers, and also breaks the integrity of science. In case of multiple submissions/publications, we will contact the author(s), will state that submitted work has already been submitted/published elsewhere and will ask for an explanation about that. If the author gives a sufficient and reasonable explanation, we reject the submission without penalties. However, if the author does not respond, the explanation is unsatisfactory, or the author admits guilt, we will reject the submission sending a letter of warning, put the authors in the Authors blacklist writing to the Journal that published the paper, and informing the author's superior about the misconduct.