Development of Speaking System for Dumb People by Using Hand Gestures


  • Farida K. Kalonda
  • Stanley Leonard



Flex Sensors, RF Transmitter, Speaker, Hand Gestures, Battery Powered Circuitry


It is very difficult for the voice impaired people to convey their messages to regular people since regular people are not trained on hand sign language, communication becomes very difficult. Therefore, I propose a speaking system that will enable dumb and deaf people to deliver their messages to normal people using hand gestures. This proposed system, use of hand gestures reading system equipped with gestures and flex sensors connected to each finger and connected to the RF Transmitter as an input along with the speaker unit. This system powered by a battery-powered circuitry to run it. Also, this system will contain different words and sentences that will help dumb people to deliver basic messages. The
system reads a dumb person’s hand gesture for different variations of hand movement. A processor constantly receives input sensor values and then processes it, then searches for matching message for the set of sensor values. Once it found in memory, the message is retrieved and is spoken out using text to speech processing through the interfaced speaker [1]. Data for this study was collected using structured open and closed questionnaires which were clearly administered to the sample used in my study. Data were analyzed using embedded C software. Finally, the findings were positive to my research objectives and it was expected to help the intended group in the society.



How to Cite

Farida K. Kalonda, & Stanley Leonard. (2019). Development of Speaking System for Dumb People by Using Hand Gestures. I. J. of Engineering Research and Advanced Technology - IJERAT (ISSN: 2454-6135), CrossRef: 10.31695/IJERAT, 5(8), 26-32.