Subject Review: Iris Recognition Using Neural Network


  • Haitham Salman Chyad
  • Raniah Ali Mustafa
  • Rafid Aedan Haleot



Iris recognition system, Neural Network, Feature Extraction, Matching


Essentially use iris technique to human identification and recognition. Due enormous growth through the recent years for iris recognition techniques numerous research has emerged in the areas like; image compression, segmentation, quality assessment, Image Acquisition (IA), restoration, feature extraction (FE), normalization, noise reduction iris code matching (NRCM), evaluation, searching large database, applications, performance under changing multibiometrics and condition. Where many techniques were suggested to iris recognition (IR) using neural network because their efficient algorithm and also gives good result. In this research paper, we provide reviews a background for many techniques proposed to recognition iris image in various domains and also procedure a comparison between these techniques.



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Haitham Salman Chyad, Raniah Ali Mustafa, & Rafid Aedan Haleot. (2019). Subject Review: Iris Recognition Using Neural Network. International Journal of Engineering Research and Advanced Technology - IJERAT (ISSN: 2454-6135), 5(9), 06-10.