A Research Study on the Causes, Consequences and Remedies to Local Failures in Structural Elements in Buildings: A Case Study of Lagos State


  • Nwaigwe D.N
  • Ugonna M.C
  • Kenechukwu E. Nnebe
  • Olaifa O.A




Local Failure, Structural Element, Building, Professionals.


The frequency at which buildings fail in Nigeria has become a serious concern, embarrassment and challenge to the construction industry. This occurrence has affected the entire human endeavor ranging from psychosomatic upset where lives, property are lost in their numbers. This paper is targeted at using structured questionnaires meticulously administered to over 300 professionals and clients in the construction industry. This exercise is intended to ascertain the leading types of building failures, causes, consequences of building failures and remedies to building collapse. The five Likert scale comprising strongly agree, agree, undecided, disagree and strongly disagree were employed. The responses were afterward analyzed using statistical variables like the weighted average, mean, ranking indexes. Based on the analysis obtained, the leading types of building failure ranges from Functional failure, Carbonation of concrete, Corrosion of reinforcement, spalling of members, Staining and soiling of the finishes. The causes of failure from the analysis were found to be Errors of computation in design, failure to account for loads the structure is expected to carry, erroneous theories in design, bad management decisions, frauds, not building according to drawing and specifications by the contractor. The consequences of local failures are reduction of flexural rigidity of the elements, collapse of building, adverse effect on appearance and Injuries/death Remedies obtain were to anticipate the most extreme way the material can contribute to a failure when selecting materials, building envelopes must resist thermal transfer and block movement of air and water from one side to another, make provisions for wet materials to dry out within the mold, ensure woods are not too dry or too wet. It is however of great importance for all stakeholders involved to rise to the situation thereby bringing about necessary changes in the built industry



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Nwaigwe D.N, Ugonna M.C, Kenechukwu E. Nnebe, & Olaifa O.A. (2019). A Research Study on the Causes, Consequences and Remedies to Local Failures in Structural Elements in Buildings: A Case Study of Lagos State. International Journal of Engineering Research and Advanced Technology - IJERAT (ISSN: 2454-6135), 5(10), 15-23. https://doi.org/10.31695/IJERAT.2019.3573