A Simplified Outpatient Health Monitoring System in Resource Constrained IoT Infrastructure


  • Stanley Leonard Tito Mbeya University of Science and Technology (MUST), Mbeya, Tanzania




Health Care System, Remote Monitoring System, Internet of Things, Short MessageService, Sensors, Body Area Network


Health monitoring is an essential task in managing both the daily routine progress of a patient/outpatient during and after the medication period. It plays not only a significant role in the overall well-being of the patient/outpatient but also as the measure of quality and effective healthcare services deliverance. However, achieving this is very challenging in areas with limited infrastructure to support a myriad of current social services, including advanced healthcare services. For instance, instead of relying only on the outpatient’s physical visitations to the healthcare center as a feedback mechanism in case of any complications during medications, continuously remote monitoring of the outpatients' health can improve the deliverance of healthcare services. This paper presents a simplified system model for remote monitoring of the outpatients well-being that has been designed to work in the limited Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure to address the challenge above. The design is cheap and easily deployable for health remote monitoring purposes as the outpatient’s well-being can be monitored in real-time so that to facilitate detection of the subtle changes and avoid drug intoxication. The system advises and alerts in real-time the doctors/medical assistants about the changing of vital parameters in order to take preventive measures.







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A Simplified Outpatient Health Monitoring System in Resource Constrained IoT Infrastructure. (2019). International Journal of Engineering Research and Advanced Technology (ijerat) (E-ISSN 2454-6135) DOI: 10.31695 IJERAT, 5(12), 37-48. https://doi.org/10.31695/IJERAT.2019.3586