The Arrangement of Open Space on Lamongan City Center based on Smart City Concept


  • Yusuf Khoirul Munzilin
  • Bambang Soemardiono
  • Asri Dinapradipta Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology, Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia



OpenSpace, Space Quality, Arrangement,, Smart City, Smart Mobility, Smart Living, Smart Environment


At this time the city center is used as a benchmark in seeing the development of a city, includ ing the City of Lamongan. The Lamongan City Center has quite high accessibility and activities, this is due to the presence of important buildings, government buildings and pavilion, Lamongan-level markets, places of worship and town squares. However, the central area of Lamongan City has not been able to optimize the potential of open space as a support for the city center, this is because there are problems related to environmental quality, functional and visual quality of supporting elements of urban s pace. This research aims to organize the open space with the application of the Smart City concept that integrates human, environment and technology. This research uses Character Appraisal analysis techniques to measure the quality of the open environment and Triangulation to
reduce the validity of the data. The results of this research indicate that the center of Lamongan City has functional and visual problems related to infrastructure and environmental elements, so it has not been able to realize the con cepts of Smart City,
especially on the concept of Smart Mobility, Smart Living, Smart Environment and resulted in a decrease in the quality of open space in the Lamongan city center, this has an impact on the decline of the community in their activities in the open space of the center of Lamongan City.







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