Review on License plate recognition algorithms in images and video


  • Faisal Ghazi. Mohammed
  • Nada Hassan Jasem



Automatic Plate Number Recognition, Segmentation, License Plate Detection (LP), License Plate Recognition.


It is possible to identify the existing license plate (LPR) pictures or videos depending on the algorithms used and in general it is possible that the algorithms consist of three steps in terms of processing are 1) extracting the part of the license plate; 2) manufacture of the license plate section. and 3) recognition of each character. The process is difficult due to the diversity of the panels' formats, as well as the lack of sufficient and uniform lighting during image acquisition, so it will be constrained under conditions such as fixed lighting, speed, specific roads, and other conditions. Several LPR technologies were developed in images and videos. This paper is a review of the authors work in this field and extracting the best results that the researchers reached to evaluate the LPR algorithm.



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Faisal Ghazi. Mohammed, & Nada Hassan Jasem. (2020). Review on License plate recognition algorithms in images and video. International Journal of Engineering Research and Advanced Technology - IJERAT (ISSN: 2454-6135), 6(2), 18-25.