Chaos-Modified Lightweight Present Algorithm for Image Encryption


  • Ahmed Abd Ali Abd Ulkadhim



Chaos, Present Algorithm, Image Encryption


At the present time, the increase of data transmission over various networks in a wide range, which led to the need for a high level of security. One of the most important methods that have been invented to protect and integrity data is encryption. This paper test the efficiency of an algorithm for image encryption that utilizes a Lightweight present algorithm whit a chaotic logistic map equation. Where we relied on the chaos to produce the keys that were used in the proposed algorithm. Through the results, we observed that the modified algorithm is faster and safer. Also, the correlation neighboring pixels is about 0; no relationship at all between the two image versions. , the proposed algorithm gets better the encryption efficiency compared The original algorithm



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Ahmed Abd Ali Abd Ulkadhim. (2020). Chaos-Modified Lightweight Present Algorithm for Image Encryption. International Journal of Engineering Research and Advanced Technology - IJERAT (ISSN: 2454-6135), 6(2), 26-30.