Conceptual Preview of the AI and Image Analytics Methodologies in Robotics


  • Sathyanarayanan P.S.V



Artificial Intelligence, AI, Image Analytics, Image Processing, Robotics


Due to the need of thinking cum adaptable machines in the variety of applications, the usage of AI-Artificial Intelligence concepts has seen tremendous hike as far as the current researches are concerned. AIs are still a growing technique, which makes it still difficult to evaluate than several technology-specific modifications, particularly in accordance with several decisions that the organization’s management takes regarding the adapting and utilizing these innovative concepts, which in common, shaping the impact of that concept are found to be in earlier stages of development. When AI is to be utilized for the machine-human level interactions, the user recognition and the intended interaction becomes a mandatorily important task which needs more attention towards the image analytics. Thus, this paper is aimed to discuss, correlate basic image analytic methodologies along with its corresponding utilization in the robotics industry with reference to the image processing techniques. Majorly, the image processing operations taking up the facial/emotion recognition is discussed in a brief preview in this paper with reference to the utilized methodologies. After discussing many existing/current methodologies used in the facial recognition related applications deployed in the robotics industry, futuristic research direction will be suggested so that the forthcoming researches could benefit with the better application of the AI-specific methodologies.



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Sathyanarayanan P.S.V. (2020). Conceptual Preview of the AI and Image Analytics Methodologies in Robotics. International Journal of Engineering Research and Advanced Technology - IJERAT (ISSN: 2454-6135), 6(4), 01-09.