Vulnerable Data Center and Developing of On-line Protection


  • Abdullah D. Salman
  • Sarah Ali Abd



Ethical, Hacking, unauthorized, Attacks, Passive Attacks, Active Attacks.


This study illustrates the importance of the existence of ethical hacking data center and what are the most important measures that must be taken and provided in data centers. In order to upgrade to the best ways to secure data and information and to encourage employees to constantly develop themselves because of the counting development of information communication technology (ICT). This study also refers to the security precaution that must be available in the data center to protect their data. And also what is the “ethical hacker" and what types and what are the advantages and disadvantages of using ethical hacker. Due to the orientation of the data center to a unified electronic connection, it is necessary to indicate the importance of information and the prevention of data leaks. The importance of ICT development is key to success in every aspect for information processing. Online protection is of Mach importance in all data processing starting from the main data center room to the home and the individual interface with the internet. Protection s/w is now must to be installed in all levels of internet serving and the higher level of data processing, the higher and more efficient protection programs must be developed, The security team is responsible for monitoring the network
and Internet charges for any breach. If there is an unauthorized access attempt on your device, the action will take effect immediately Such as disconnecting the Internet for a short time and making the block the device to try to enter for more than 3
consecutive Especially to data center devices.
It’s important that employees receive institutional sessions by the specialist, alerting them not to use e-mail messages in Internet
cafes, unknown devices (unknown source), and interacting with unknown links. The Information and Network Security Team is
responsible for risk management and incident verification because they are familiar with all details of the organization, including
information and data. In order to reduce the impact of cyber-attacks and to protect the data center, it became necessary to qualify a team to monitor e-security, protect information and provide a secure electronic environment.



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