• Mr. Ashutosh Chandra Department of Applied Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering Technology Gandhi Institute of Engineering and Technology



Capacitor, Piezoelectricity, Piezoelectric Effect, Street-Lighting System.


This paper demonstrates a prototype for a smart self-reliant street-lighting system, in which a number of DC street lights are powered by a piezoelectric plate. A capacitor is added to store the excess energy of the piezoelectric plate. A charge controller is used to protect the capacitor from overcharging and to control the overall system operation. With this, there is no more dependency on the natural resource like wind or sunlight which requires more maintenance, availability of corresponding natural resources and more over the cost of installation is also high. But with this idea, each vehicle will be responsible for the generation of electricity by the weight of the vehicles exerted on the ground. No more connection is required hence this can also be implemented in intercity as well as highways, making highways safer by the installation of these self-reliant streets light. The overall result is a self-capable street lighting system, which can be implemented as a standalone off-grid system or connected to the rest of the grid as part of a bigger system.  Hence we designed a system using the Piezoelectric plate which works on Piezo Electric Effect. The main principle of a piezoelectric transducer is that a force, when applied on the quartz crystal, produces electric charges on the crystal surface.  The charge thus produced can be called as piezoelectricity. The main aim is to make intercity, sub highways, state highways, national highways safer my making self-reliant street light system.




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