Development of Radio Waves Based Mobile Phone Charger


  • Amani Emmanuel
  • Nabahani Bakari



Radio waves, Mobile phone charger, Antenna, Dc voltage.


The issue of charging our mobile phone is very paramount to mobile phone users especially to those who use smartphones. Therefore, there is a need for improving the service or means for charging our mobile phone to a maximum efficiency as possible, and this is possible by coming up or designing a mobile phone charger which will at least minimize the current challenges of mobile phone users regarding with charging their phones so that they will enjoy the use of their mobile phones. Development of mobile phone charger using radio waves helps mobile phones user to have an efficient way of charging their mobile phone by simply having this type of charger which utilizes free radio waves available to charge their mobile phones. Under this project, the study will concentrate on capturing the radio waves from different sources and convert those radio waves to direct current (D.C) so as to charge a phone.



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Amani Emmanuel, & Nabahani Bakari. (2018). Development of Radio Waves Based Mobile Phone Charger. International Journal of Engineering Research and Advanced Technology - IJERAT (ISSN: 2454-6135), 4(11), 21-27.