Effect of Ground Granulated Blast Slag (GGBS) on Characteristics of Concrete


  • Sai Kiran Kumar Ch GVP- Satya Institute of Technology and Management Vizianagaram, India
  • Santhosh Kumar T GVP- Satya Institute of Technology and Management Vizianagaram, India
  • Santhosh G GVP- Satya Institute of Technology and Management Vizianagaram, India
  • Gayatri D GVP- Satya Institute of Technology and Management Vizianagaram, India




Ground Granulated Blast Slag, Workability, Compressive Strength Test.


Concrete in its various forms is probably the most widely used construction material in the world for construction works. The development of the construction industry at the global level needs more and more quantity of cement for construction works. But, the production of each one tone of cement clinker releases one tonne of carbon dioxide, which affects the earth's ecosystem. Thus, increasing the production of cement worldwide is aggravating the problems associated with its production kind use. The construction industry is now slowly becoming aware of the environmental issues and other sustainable development issues for cement and concrete industries.

                This paper emphasizes on effect of Ground Granulated Blast Slag (GGBS) on characteristics of concrete which is a recent advancement in the field of concrete. GGBS is carried out which is a by-product of the iron industry and also can be used as a replacement with ordinary Portland cement in concrete.

                 Use of GGBS as cement replacement can simultaneously reduce the cost of concrete and help to reduce the rate of cement consumption and has rapidly drawn the attention of the concrete industry due to its cement saving, energy-saving, cost-saving, and environmental benefits.

                 In this study cube specimens (150mm×150mm×150mm) are casted using 0%, 10%, 20%, 30%, 40%& 50% replacement of cement with GGBS to assess the compressive strength at 7th& 28th day for M40 grade concrete.

 Based on the results of this investigation, it is concluded that GGBS has the potential to replace cement in concrete as its physical properties are well within the range specified by IS 455:1989. Hence the can be safely used in the concrete composition.

Keywords: Cement, Ground Granulated Blast Slag, Workability, Compressive Strength Test


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