Examining the Factors Affecting the Implementation of a Paperless Port System


  • Denis Atehnjia Marine Engineering Department, Accra Ghana
  • Collins Nsoh Marine Engineering Department, Accra Ghana
  • Festus Obeng Marine Engineering Department, Accra Ghana




Paperless port, Digitalization, Information Technology


The introduction of a paperless port system (PPS) was to inject potency in the clearance system as the former paper system had too many human interactions and delays in handling hard documents. To avoid these visible irregularities in line with the ever-changing port working environment and the effects of massive corruption in the ports, the factors that affect the implementation of PPS must be carefully studied.  The main objectives of this study are to examine the implementation process of PPS in Ghana and present appropriate recommendations for decision making. The analysis reveals that the main factors that influence the implementation of PPS are; network connection, complicated procedures, and lack of stakeholder training, and the least factor that affects the implementation of PPS is the availability of resources. The results of this analysis could be of great benefit for other member states in West and Central Africa, in developing prudent policies as initiated by the government to boost the overall port efficacy for prompt socio-economic development.


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