CLAHE, Fuzzy intensification operators, Underwater Images


Underwater images are subjected to a number of external influences that cause blurry of the image due to water density, refraction of light in the water and inaccuracy of colors due to factors such as small objects and clay particles, so many researches have been carried out in the image enhancement affected by dust and improving underwater images.

In this paper, underwater images were taken with two different mobile phones (iPhone7s plus and Galaxy10 +) and different dimensions with clay atoms, and enhancement images using the Contrast Limited Adaptive Histogram Equalization (CLAHE), and Fuzzy intensification operators (Fuzzy_IN) algorithms. A number of quality measurements were measured for the image after enhanced. It showed that the images in the iPhone were of higher quality for the fuzzy algorithm. The comparison with the previous works also showed that the current work gave better results, then combining the enhanced of the underwater images with clay particles.


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