A New wireless sensor networks Routing Algorithm Based on SPIN Protocols and Circumference Technique


  • Salam A. Hussein Collage of Education University of Mustansiriyah, Iraq




SPIN, mplosion, Wireless Sensor networks , Routing protocols, Base-station


In Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs), the data transmission might be specified as a major challenge. Various protocols of routing were suggested for saving energy throughout the transmission of data in WSNs. The protocols of routing which are on the basis of data centric method were adequate in such regard which are performing data’s in-network aggregations for yielding energy- saving data dissemination, such sensor nodes have a few of limitations because of their limited, computing power, storage capacity, and limited energy. The data have been routed between nodes with the use of various routing protocols. In addition, there are a few routing protocols for WSNs, all such protocols attempted on eliminating a few of such limitations. A Circumference-based SPIN protocol, (C-SPIN), is going to implement for eliminating the limited energy as well as data overlap with the use of right-most data movement method.


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