Optimization of Electricity Supply to Onuiyi-Nsukka using Heuristic Technique for Shunt Capacitor Integration


  • Ohanu, Chibuike P Rivers State University, Nigeria
  • Idoniboyeobu, Dikio C Rivers State University, Nigeria
  • Braide, Sepiribo L Rivers State University, Nigeria




Power Flow, Distribution Losses, Loss Reduction, MATLAB, PSAT



This research work has been done in a distribution network (33/11KV) which is the most essential part in electricity supply chain. The Nigeria electricity distribution companies are saddled with the responsibility of providing optimal and sustainable electricity supply to consumers while maintaining the required voltage profile at minimal power losses. They are being confronted with dearth of electricity supply to match the much needed energy demand. This research presents the application of heuristic technique to determine the optimal capacitor location and size on a distribution network for an improved voltage profile, power loss reduction and increased energy savings. Analysis and investigation were performed using Onuiyi-Nsukka distribution network as case study. The critical voltage buses on the feeder are improved with the placement of shunt capacitors with the aim of achieving a voltage profile within the statutory limit of p.u.The effects were noticed to be much in Bus (19) where voltage is 0.7186 p.u. which is  about 24.4% deviation from the normal, bus (26) which is 0.786 p.u having 17.3% variation from the statutory limit and others. These results denote voltage deviations which causes damage to the system, and may lead to a possible system collapse if not optimized. The application of PSAT requested the use of heuristic technique with the integration of sized shunt capacitors. This reduced the network real power loss from 0.27MW to 0.12MW and the reactive power loss from 0.76Mvar to 0.13Mvar. The distribution network achieved an improved power quality. With this, electricity supply becomes reliable and sustainable for the electricity users.



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