Analysis Critical Success Factor for Toll Road Performance Improvement with Dynamic Model




SPSS, Rework, Cost performance, System Dynamic


In toll road construction, all aspects need to be considered, from planning, implementing, and meeting minimum service standards during operations. In addition, to reduce the risk of toll road project investment by reducing the risk of rework. Repetitive work (rework) has a direct and indirect impact on project performance which has an impact on costs, rework is also a very significant contributor to waste or additional time which results in the completion of the project schedule. This research answers the factors related to the increase in cost and time performance. Cost-related research discusses rework modeling using the System Dynamic and time-related research using the Line of Ballance. Rework is a problem in construction that can be caused by many interrelated aspects that are not taken into account in planning. Rework modeling using a System Dynamic can provide simulations to get the best results. The research obtained 12 outcome factors that affect cost and time performance on a toll road project, a dynamic system implementation can provide optimal solutions with the ability to reduce the proportion of the number of rework by 23.11% for 42 months


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