Subject Review: Image Encryption Techniques based on Chaotic Systems


  • Donia Fadhil Chalob Mustansiyiah University Iraq
  • Zynab M. Jasim Mustansiyiah University Iraq
  • Zainab Mohammed Essa Mustansiyiah University Iraq
  • Ziad M. Abood Mustansiyiah University Iraq



Chaos Theory, Image Encryption, DNA, Security


The exchange of information over open networks and the internet has grown rapidly. Digital images occupy a major role in multimedia communication. Images are utilized in a variety of fields, including biometric authentication, military, medical science; hence, their security become a major concern. The best solution for securing the data (in any form) is encryption. The recent encryption trend is chaos-based encryption. Image encryption approaches based on chaos have essential merits l. This paper surveys various aspects and approaches of chaos maps image encryption like piecewise linear chaotic map (PWLCM), logistic map, skew tent map. Considering parameters such as correlation analysis and keyspace when comparing image encryption techniques that use different chaotic maps.


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