Detect Phishing Website by using Machine Learning


  • Ali Aljaberi altinbas university, Turkey
  • Osman Ucan Altinbas university, Turkey



Phishing, Random Forest , Algorithm, Machine Learning, URL


Phishing is one of the types of electronic crimes, where the attacker uses what is called social engineering to deceive users of Internet networks and this is done by sending messages via e-mail, phone call or text messages by the attacker who pretends to the victim that he is a real and legitimate company or institution that provides a specific service, And thus luring people to write their personal data in addition to important and sensitive information such as bank accounts, credit cards and passwords used by individuals. Then the attacker simply uses this data and information to obtain the property and accounts of the victim, and on the other hand, the attacker can monitor everything related to the victim during his entry and movement on the sites, that is why we developed a model that detects phishing by using the random forest algorithm.


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Ali Aljaberi, & Osman Ucan. (2021). Detect Phishing Website by using Machine Learning . International Journal of Engineering Research and Advanced Technology (ijerat) (E-ISSN 2454-6135) DOI: 10.31695/IJERAT, 7(9), 23–25.