Method of Image Encryption By using Scrambling and Slant Transform


  • Sally Ali Abdulateef University of Al-Mustansiriyah Baghdad- Iraq



Mean, Encryption, Slant Transformation


New image encryption methods such as Stage Scrambling and Slant Transform are allowing images to be scaled in new and powerful ways. The process of scaling image points, taking an average of the points’ value and then identifying how many points have changed, can increase the capabilities of image encryption. Slant Transform image coding possesses a “discrete saw tooth-like basis vector which efficiently represents linear brightness variations along an image line; A fast computational algorithm has been found for the transformation” [1].Slant Transform is when the first row and column, and last line and column were moved clockwise. The two rows and columns before them were carried out in the same mathematical operations and have been scaled with the rest, while the second line and column, and the line and column before the last were moved counter clockwise. The process was continued in opposite directions to all the lines and columns in the image, where the image is distorted and then applied slant transform in the image.



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