Analysis of Productivity Improvement in Production Process Using the Single Minutes Exchange of Dies (SMED) Method


  • Sakti Aji Lesmana Faculty of Engineering, University of Mercu Buana, Indonesia



Single Minutes Exchange of Dies , Efficiency, Production capacity, Productivity


PT. X is a manufacturing company engaged in the manufacture of automotive components. This company is a joint venture between an Indonesian company and a Japanese company. The company's main products are grouped into Drive Train, Engine Related Part, and Body Related Part. As a multi-national company, the company's ability to maintain efficiency is very important. Of course, to keep the market competitive and to win the competition. One of the efficiencies that must be done is to reduce unproductive time, namely time that does not produce products. This research will focus more on the timing of the model changeover. Product XZ is one of the superior products of PT. X, but from the data obtained, this production line only has an effective time of 73% of the total working hours. This is due to the high time to change the model on the work track. The time to change the model reaches 25.75 minutes. So that the maximum production capacity is 5,968 pcs / day. To solve this problem, the Single Minutes Exchange of Dies (SMED) method is used. By implementing the 7 steps of SMED and supported by problem analysis using Pareto diagrams and why-why analysis, improvement in Production time productivity is increased by 25.3%,  whereas, the productivity of the production line shows improvement from 6.94 parts/minute to 8.70 parts/minute.


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