Study of Inventory Management of Raw Material Using Wagner-Within Algorithm


  • Defi Norita University of Mercu Buana, Indonesia



Inventory, Deterministic Models, Algorithms Wagner-Within


The rapid development of science and technology is increasingly sophisticated, making every company should have a business strategy while upholding the quality of the product and optimize all its resources in accordance with the development of ABC global PT era is a company engaged in the pharmaceutical industry, specifically customer health products. Argon gas availability VGL becomes important to support the activities of laboratory testing. Inventory planning is needed so that appropriate testing needs by calculating safety stock and delivery lead time.  This study uses the Wagner-Within algorithm calculation and also estimation of total costs.

This method was chosen as the optimum method to solve the problems of argon gas inventory VGL deterministic dynamic. This method is used to determine the amount of argon gas stocks are bought and stored VGL right, at the right time, and frequency of ordering, as well as the total cost of inventory. In this study, the calculation of total variable costs, the total minimum cost, and lays out the lot size and calculate the total cost of inventory Algorithms Wagner-Within and Economic Order Quantity. The total cost of inventory Wagner-Within algorithm for Rp691.500.000. This cost is obtained from the calculation of the total cost per period based upon the lot size and the time of reservation obtained from the Wagner-Within algorithm calculation, while the total cost of inventory EOQ Rp.694.875 million.


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