City Bus Inter-City and Inter-Provincial Traveller Safety Analysis in Jakarta until Solo Province


  • Natalia Reza Kusumawati Mercubuana University, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Nunung Widyaningsih Mercubuana University, Jakarta, Indonesia



Bus user, Structural equation modeling, Travel safety


Safety is one of the main goals in reducing and minimizing traffic accident victims. The factors that cause accidents are humans, vehicles, and the environment/nature. Buses, which have their own prestige, play a role in moving from the place of origin to the destination. This study is decisive in analyzing travel safety for bus users, especially on inter-city buses between provinces with the route Jakarta - Solo. The approach used in this research was quantitative by collecting data using a closed questionnaire which was distributed to 92 respondents using the Jakarta - Solo buses, observing and interviewing respondents using Inter-City Inter-Provincial (AKAP) buses traveling from Jakarta to Solo. The distribution of questionnaires was carried out at the Pondok Cabe Type A Terminal, where later the data was processed using Structural Equation Modeling or SEM. In this research, it was used as a data analysis technique with the SPSS and AMOS 24.00 programs to determine the determinants of safety behavior. Data processing resulting from the goodness of fit test output functions to process and analyze data that has statistical analysis capabilities as well as a data management system with a graphical environment. Apart from that, the benefit of testing AMOS SEM data is to see the relationship between variables simultaneously and take into account direct and indirect effects between variables and this test explains the significant influence on safety behavior. Implementation of a ramp check within the fleet departure time has an important factor in determining travel safety which originates from vehicle factors. Handling accidents in order to minimize casualties by checking and handling (maintaining) vehicles, getting adequate rest for drivers, providing adequate space and equipment if passengers have an accident, and the need to establish related agency skills by providing education to passengers and buses, as well as accident handlers.





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